America's Warrior Project 

 Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers 


 All of us Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers are so Honored to offer our US Veterans

" AMERICAS WARRIOR PROJECT "  We all are committed to preserving the Ancient Skill of Survival through Mounted Horseback Archery.

  Send your US Veteran our way to join our life changing Program. The discipline and Skill that will be shared by the Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers is incredible.

THANK YOU for your Donation & Membership support!

All proceeds go directly to support 


Look forward to meeting each one of you that join us.

We are dedicated to sharing the education of Mounted Archery with the World.


    " Mounted archery is a calling. Many people know it when they see it – that they were meant to be a horse archer. You are a special kind of horseman from a different type of tradition. It is not just something that we do, it is something that we are.  The magic of mounted archery enables us to reconnect to the past, to the earth, the air, the elements, and physics. We train and test all of our senses along with those of our faithful horses to higher levels of personal discipline and reward.

A power exists between the archer, horse, and bow that is rare to find in conventional horse sports. Horseback archery has an ancient soul that has existed for generations and across cultures worldwide. We share that collective soul in our practice. Mounted archery is referred to as the Queen of Martial Arts. And is a discipline requiring the dedication of a humble pupil and the heart of a warrior.We celebrate all of these things every time we train or compete together. Each occasion is a shared celebration where we honor each other and our horses as we enjoy our own personal journeys in mounted archery. "