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Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers is a non-profit, Mounted Archery Club. We operate out of Brush Prairie, Washington at our home range; Arrowhead Acres. This range is the only outdoor Mounted Archery Range of its kind in the Pacific Northwest Area. VRMA has access at Arrowhead Acres June - October of each year.

All current days & times of Mounted Archery Practice are posted on VRMA Facebook page. This private access is what your VRMA membership dues goes towards.

We offer guidance & education from highly dedicated, motivated and experienced members. We sincerely welcome any new or experienced archers. We are always seeking out new Warriors to come join us, we look forward to meeting you & your brave horse in this incredible life changing journey.  May your horses mane blow in the wind, let your heart beat with that of your horses hooves & may your Arrows fly steady & true!


The Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers represent a special kind of equestrian here in Brush Prairie, WA. We take our archery and riding seriously, but we seriously have fun, we love to learn, we live to share this Martial Art, however the Warriors safety will always be first.

The Range is a great escape where the troubles of the outside world are left at the gate and for a couple of hours we enjoy our own adventures. We crave and look forward to our weekly practices through the dry season.

We also enjoy a good campfire, a good story, and talking about our loving brave horses. We adore our families, every member pitches in and has a role.  We don’t allow drama to take hold, and we expect any personal issues to be resolved personally and quickly, not shared. We protect & hold sacred in what we have together.

In the wet season, we look forward to sharing this Warrior sport with everyone by bringing educational, empowering & colorful demonstrations to our community. 

Let the calling of your Ancestors be heard & the Warrior inside you set free.

We will await that special day you join us!



- 2018 VRMA Practice Schedule -

  • Every Tuesday
    • 4:00 PM to Dusk
  • Every Saturday
    • Advanced Archer Practice: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
    • Beginner Archers and Youth Scholarship Riders:11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


VRMA Member Benefits

- All current benefits offered by VRMA 

- Weekly access to Arrowhead Acres during operating business hours.

- 10% discount at Archery World in Vancouver, Washington.

- Discounts at Tandy Leather Warehouse with current VRMA membership.

  - Comprehensive Archery and Mounted Horseback Clinics at Arrowhead Acres.