Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers is a non-profit, Mounted Archery group focused on our two Incredible programs: Americas Warrior Project & Youth Scholarship.

Giving back to our US Veterans through the exclusive AWP is an honor to share.

Your VRMA membership Fee goes solely to benefit our two Heartfelt Programs we provide.

 We operate out of Brush Prairie, Washington at our home range; Arrowhead Acres. 

All current days & times of Mounted Archery Practice are posted on VRMA Facebook page & below.

We offer education from highly dedicated, motivated and experienced members in our live Demos and displays. We sincerely welcome any new or experienced archers. We are always seeking out new Warriors to come join us, we look forward to meeting you & your brave horse.  May your horses mane blow in the wind, let your heart beat with that of your horses hooves & may your Arrows fly steady & true.

The Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers represent a special kind of equestrian here in Brush Prairie, WA. We take our archery and riding seriously, but we seriously have fun, we love to learn, we live to share this Martial Art, however the Warriors safety will always be first.

Our Education and sharing Mounted Archery is top priority as well as providing our amazing Veterans program " Americas Warror Project "

We look forward to sharing this Warrior skill with everyone by bringing educational, empowering & colorful demonstrations to our community through Mounted Horseback Archery.


2019 Event & Practice Schedule

  • March 1-3    WA State Horse Expo- CC. Event Center
  • May 18th   VRMA Fund Raiser - Green Meadows​
  • July 5th-7th   Americas Warrior Project - Arrowhead Acres
  • August 9th-11th   Americas Warrior Project -Arrowhead Acres
  • VRMAs Arrowhead Acres Wednesdays open Range
  • VRMA Wednesday Practice 4pm-8pm
  • July 26th, July 3rd, July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, July 31st, August 7th, August 14th, August 21, August 28th, September 4th, September 11th, September 18th, September 25th.