• July 10th-12th  2020     (No-charge to US Veterans)
  • August 7th-9th  2020   (No-charge to US Veterans)

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We asked veterans of the America's Warrior Project to share their experiences with us. Their stories are just a few among many, and we aim to provide the same amazing experience to all of our veterans. 

"In the evening, after a great meal, gathering around the fire for music and laughter, Veterans gathering together, was just amazing."

- Bo Russel

"The volunteers, the cabins, the entire environment was great. Just a great time and I can't wait to come back."

- Dan Merrill

"This program changes lives, has direct, long lasting impacts that can be seen almost immediately, and provides amazing opportunities for service members of all branches and generations to heal, and bond together, leaving more fulfilled than when they arrived."

- Killian Lesley

"Some of the best "therapy" sessions didn't feel like "therapy." Raising and lowering the colors [at Reveille and Retreat] was a nice touch."

-Tony Read

"This experience has been more than I could have ever expected. The location is absolutely amazing. Another calming force for me; incredible compassion and knowledge. I felt safe."

-Brenna Toel

"I enjoyed coming so that I could put everyday stresses of everyday life behind for a while. The organization and comaraderie of  the "cadre" [AWP Staff and Volunteers] was great."

- Julie Sole

"In the summer of 2019, I attended America's Warrior Project. To be completely honest, I needed a weekend with like-minded people and a moment to breathe. What I got was a lot more - the first thing I appreciated right from the start was that this program wasn't about 'how I felt', we spent time together as brother and sisters, learning how to do cool stuff while being taught by incredible people. I was partnered up with a horse I had never met before, named "Bently." Me an 'Ol 'Bent became buddies. This has taken me a while to write, because I wanted to get it write. I cannot claim this program saved my life, but what it did do, is change my path. It also gave me a chance to prove to myself (even in the state of mind I was in at the time) that I was still able to learn and make new friends."

- Skyylar Pelous

I have always been fascinated with archery , but never pursued it. An opportunity arose when I met Lacy Jo Evans, my hard charging  Marine sister who introduced me to the healing powers of horses and her good friend Gabrielle ,  fearless leader of the Americas warrior project and volcanic Ridge mounted archery range.

I met Gabrielle and her family once at the Vancouver's veterans parade in 2018. I saw her the second time at the Christmas roundup and couldn't help but to notice the valor and skill her 2 daughters , Nadia and Trinity and friend , Claire had as they performed gracefully their art of mounted archery on their  majestic horses.

Even though they were only teenagers, they had more discipline , balance , focus , humility , peace , and effortless beauty then any modern teenagers I had ever seen. I really admired that and really  longed to learn from these young guns. I learned from Gabrielle about America's warrior project and how it was free for veterans. It was a 2 day retreat to teach veterans how to heal through horses and archery. I was all in for the next event in August of that summer !!!

That day finally came 8 months later and the desire of learning mounted archery still boiled within my veins. I was welcomed into the archery range with warm smiles and deep understanding of a veterans challenges . My dreams felt as if they had a place to grow and heal. It felt very good to be able to be myself and not have to think about the outside world for a few days and to enjoy the company of other Caring veterans . As I learned the art of mounted archery from each skilled instructor , I soon discovered that it was not a physical sport but a spiritual meditation that took the mind, body and soul into stillness ,healing and insight .

The warm fire , camp fire songs , friendly horses,  delicious meals and a warm cabin all provided me with uttermost comfort and happiness! There is so much more that I experienced within those 2 days that I cannot explain in words. But I will let you figure that out when you sign up. Sometimes the things we truly seek and need come to us in mysterious ways. I thought I was going there to shoot some arrows but I left there with a whole lot more !

What you seek is always  seeking you , and I have been found 💜. Yee haw!


Thao Chi Nguyen

Demons run

when a good man

goes to war

night will fall

and drown the sun

when a good man

goes to war

friendship dies

and true love lies

night will fall

and the dark will rise

when a good man

goes to war

demons run,

but count the cost

the battle's won,

but the child is lost...










To all of America's warriors,

A heart felt thank you to each person in uniform that has served, or is currently serving this mighty America. Thank you for being our watchmen, and for your for your selfless service and sacrifice to this country we are all so blessed to call our home. Your actions ensure we can live in peace. 

We invite each of you to join us for 2 Nights & Three Days for


You will be provided with a horse, archery equipment and gear, hearty meals, hot showers, roaring fires, live entertainment and warm, sturdy cabins to be your home away from home. This program his currently the only organization, world-wide, that offers what we Teach & share, through the martial art discipline of  Mounted Archery.

 Your journey with us is one of empowerment, passionately blending the ancient instincts and traditions of war & survival, through the bond of horse & bow, galvanized through silent self-strength, focus and personal resilience. 

The fierce bond you will undoubtedly form with your horse will guide you & your bow & arrow.

​We respect you are Warriors first.

Join us.

Now is your forever, we consider it an honor & privilege to share

" AMERICAS WARRIOR PROJECT " with each one of you.