Youth Scholarship Program


Volcano Ridge believes strongly that the future success of our program is in the hands of our youth Warriors. We recognize the importance of education and introducing the diversity of horses and equine disciplines.

    The primary intent of our program is to assist  youth members, provide mounted archery education, and enrich their horse experiences for one full season.

    We look forward to meeting each and every youth through this amazing program!

    Criteria and Eligibility:

  • Age between 12-17 years old

  • Must be able to pass the VRMA horse riding test

  • Must be able to work with fellow Archers as well as all members conflict  free

  • Must be willing to work with other students


  Benefits of the season’s scholarship:

  • Membership for a full Riding / Archery Season with the Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers at Arrowhead Acres home Range.

  • No cost for  VRMA clinics and Archery Education at Arrowhead Acres

  • 1 or more Clinics may be held at Arrowhead Acres where a Outside Professional Archery Clinician or Horsemanship Clinician is brought in for Education, Scholarship youth members shall be able to attend one of these Professional Archery or Horsemanship Clinics during their scholarship with the Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers.

  • Use of a Horse if needed

  To apply:

  • Email a request telling us a little about yourself.

  • Why are you interested in Mounted Archery?

  • Why you feel you may qualify for our program (this will be confidential between you and our board of directors and never public)

  • How much horse experience do you have and do you have your own horse?

                                       *Final application will be approved through a VRMA full board decision                                                     and not just an individual.