Youth Scholarship 



Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers believes strongly that the future success of  Mounted Archery is in the hands of our youth Warriors. We recognize the importance of  Mounted Archery education and introducing the diversity of horsemanship.

    Our Youth Scholarship program is to provide mounted archery education, and Horsemanship skills.
 We look forward to meeting each youth through our amazing scholarship.

    Criteria and Eligibility:

  • Age between 12-17 years old

  • Submit Scholarship Questionnaire
  • 2 Referances / 1 non- relative
  • Volunteer during " Americas Warrior Project "
  •  One Beginner  Mounted Archery Clinic no Cost

  To Apply:

  •  contact@volcanoridgemountedarchers.org

                                       *Final application will be approved through a VRMA full board decision                                                     and not just an individual.