To all America's Warriors,  a heart felt Thank you to each Man and Women in Uniform that has served or is currently serving this Mighty America. Thank you for being our watchmen, thank you for your selfless sacrifice to this Country we are all so blessed to call our home,  so that we all can live in peace knowing we are safe each & every night no matter what the cost.

For those who never made it home all the way, for those families living on without their Warrior for a lifetime, for those who that have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice for our Freedoms, you will never be forgotten nor has the loss of you been in vain.

  We invite each of you to join us at NO COST,  for 3 Days & 2 Nights of the life changing  "America's Warrior Project " self empowering Journey, one that is of our Ancestors, one that is of the Ancient instincts of War, one that through Fire the heart feels again, one that is found through the Horse & Bow, one that is found through silent self strength & focus. 

 Your Fierce Horse that will guide you offers you inner peace, the Bow & Arrow that will guide you offers Truth. Never forget You are Warriors first, remember those who came before you, those that are not by our sides any longer, stay steady for those who now follow behind you, they will need your knowledge and beg for your strength. Let us not let one Warrior get left behind here at home.

You are not broken, we will not pity you for what you have had to do, we will respect you for what you have Survived, you are the best that this World offers, you are America's Warrior.

We must all fight to find our Hearts again, these War Horses will give you their heart, the Bow will give you its Power, the Elements will remind you of who you are and what you must continue to be, we must not loose another one of you to the darkness War brings home, we must be here for each of you as you have for us so far from your homes as our Warrior.

Be here now.....Now is your forever.

It is and will be an Honor to share this "America's Warrior Project " Journey with each one of you~



Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers is proud to support U.S. Veterans through our program; America's Warrior Project.

The War is the world. 

And the World is the war. 

But behind every gunsight, is a human being. 

We are those people. 

We are the Jaded. We are the Naive. 

We are the Honorable, and the Criminal. 

We are the bound for Legend, and the Lost to History. 

We are the Knights of the Sky, the Ghosts in the Desert, and the Rats in the mud.

These are our stories. History may only remember one of us among thousands, but they will know who we were, how we fought, and how we died...

Demons run

when a good man

goes to war

night will fall

and drown the sun

when a good man

goes to war

friendship dies

and true love lies

night will fall

and the dark will rise

when a good man

goes to war

demons run,

but count the cost

the battle's won,

but the child is lost...




- Upcoming 2018 AWP Weekends -

  • July 13 through 15 (No-Charge)
  • August 24 through26 (No-Charge)

For more information, or on how to enroll, please contact us at contact@volcanoridgemountedarchers.org