Demons run

when a good man

goes to war

night will fall

and drown the sun

when a good man

goes to war

friendship dies

and true love lies

night will fall

and the dark will rise

when a good man

goes to war

demons run,

but count the cost

the battle's won,

but the child is lost...

- Steven Moffat





  • July 5th - 7th           (No-charge to veterans)
  • August 9th - 11th   (No-charge to veterans)

                                                 TO JOIN US - contact@volcanoridgemountedarchers.org



We asked veterans of the America's Warrior Project to share their experiences with us. Their stories are just a few among many, and we aim to provide the same amazing experience to all of our veterans. 

"In the evening, after a great meal, gathering around the fire for music and laughter, Veterans gathering together, was just amazing."

- Bo Russel

"The volunteers, the cabins, the entire environment was great. Just a great time and I can't wait to come back."

- Dan Merrill

"This program changes lives, has direct, long lasting impacts that can be seen almost immediately, and provides amazing opportunities for service members of all branches and generations to heal, and bond together, leaving more fulfilled than when they arrived."

- Killian Lesley

"Some of the best "therapy" sessions didn't feel like "therapy." Raising and lowering the colors [at Reveille and Retreat] was a nice touch."

-Tony Read

"This experience has been more than I could have ever expected. The location is absolutely amazing. Another calming force for me; incredible compassion and knowledge. I felt safe."

-Brenna Toel

"I enjoyed coming so that I could put everyday stresses of everyday life behind for a while. The organization and comradery of  the "cadre" [AWP Staff and Volunteers] was great."

- Julie Sole


To all of America's warriors,

A heart felt thank you to each person in uniform that has served, or is currently serving this mighty America. Thank you for being our watchmen, and for your for your selfless service and sacrifice to this country we are all so blessed to call our home. Your actions ensure we can live in peace. 

We invite each of you to join us for 3 days & 2 nights to take part in the life changing  program tailored for veterans; the"America's Warrior Project". During this self-empowering journey, you will be provided with a horse, archery equipment and gear, hearty meals, hot showers, roaring fires, live entertainment and warm, sturdy cabins to be your home away from home. This program his currently the only organization, world-wide, that offers what we do; support for veterans, through the martial discipline and art of Mounted Archery. This journey is one of  self challenge & empowerment, passionately blending the ancient instincts and traditions of war & survival, through the bond of horse & bow, and galvanized through silent self-strength, focus and personal resilience. The fierce bond you will undoubtedly form with your horse will guide you, offering you inner peace, and through the bow & arrow, you will undoubtedly find truth.

Never forget you are warriors first. Remember those who came before you, and those that are no longer by our sides. No warrior should ever be left behind or forgotten, here at home.

We are committed to each and very one of you that joins us in our mission, and we give our word that you will not go home without taking tremendous strength and empowerment with you. You are not broken, we will not pity you for what you have had to do, we will respect you for what you have survived and endured. You, are the best that this world offers, YOU are America's Warriors.

For those who never made it home all the way,  for those families living on without their warrior for a lifetime, for those who that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, you and your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

Now is your forever, and we consider it an honor and a privilege to share this "America's Warrior Project " journey with each one of you.

Gabrielle A. Massie, Founder

America's Warrior Project